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LinGen Building Systems

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Rapid Deployment Disaster Relief Housing Manufactured On-Site

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Lingen Panels System

Strong, energy-efficient, cost-effective, quickly constructed, permanent structures are great for many building applications -- including disaster relief, commercial and residential.disaster_benefits.htmldisaster_benefits.htmlSample_Disaster_Building_Plans.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2
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Disaster Relief

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 Ideal balance of strength and thermal performance in a wall panel  Foam encapsulated steel means no thermal bridging Eliminates condensation and moisture issues within wall.
    Requires less time, labor, and equipment to assemble Less expensive than comparable conventional structures  Uses less energy to heat & cool
    Super-insulated design not subject to mold & mildew issues     EPS foam core does not off-gass chemicals & toxins like other types of foam     System does not include OSB or formaldehyde.
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LinGen Panels for Permanent & Disaster Relief Housing
Not only are LinGen Panels economical, efficient, strong and customizable, they can also be constructed rapidly, making them ideal for disaster relief applications.
Factories can be built in under 30 days, and a house can be built in as little as 1 day. This fills a need for safe, fast, affordable housing -- it also creates local jobs.
Interested in building with LinGen Panels? Please Contact us.
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Advanced Panel-based Building Material:

  1. Residential, Commercial and Disaster Relief

  2. Fast Construction

  3. Permanent Structure

  4. Efficient, Inexpensive, Strong and Durable

  5. 3 Story Structures

  6. Steel-reinforced Foam Panels

  7. Custom Finishes, Inside and Outside

  8. Sample Building Plans Available

  9. Contact us to Build with LinGen Panels

Disaster Relief

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With an estimated 40-50 years of oil production, there is no end in sight to the need for housing. We have solutions to the current housing shortage, and we are making them available to investors through a combination of housing developments, and our Quick Stop Food Court. Our Quick Stop Food Court includes; a food court with fast food restaurants, bank, Laundromat, P.O. boxes, and convenience store. The following link is to a broadcast on Prime Time MSNBC narrated by Brian Williams - Check it out here:

By building rental properties and retaining ownership we take advantage of one of the most lucrative rental market in the United States.  We are currently looking for land owners and/or investors for land acquisition.  We already have construction funds pre-approved and available. Please contact us for further information.

The LinGen building system is well suited for building residential, commercial and industrial buildings up to three stories; and building temporary structures. Our structures are engineered to resist earthquakes, hurricanes, and snow loads. They are highly insulated and quick to build saving time and labor.

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Rapid Deployment Disaster Relief Housing Manufactured On-Site


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