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Eco Friendly Water Treatment Helps Corporation Win Award

With increasing concern on the environment, there is an increase of eco friendly companies and businesses. Not only are there eco friendly baby stores, but there are also environmental companies that are eco friendly.

To start, the Clearwater Systems Corporation was developed with the intentions of offering eco friendly water treatment. They have been able to supply this for more than ten years! Dolphin Water Care was created by Clearwater Systems Corporation – it is a state of the art eco friendly water treatment that is in almost 5,000 customer facilities around the world. The focal point for Clearwater Systems Corporation is the design and delivery of advanced water treatment solutions. These solutions support building resource in an efficient manner by saving water and energy. It also helps to prevent pollution and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Dolphin Water Care technology was named to be a huge factor in Verizon Wireless winning a 2012 Green Enterprise IT Award. The Uptime Institute awarded Verizon this in the Facility Design Implementation category. The award was given due to the amazing combination of resource efficiency, eco friendly, and scalability of Verizon’s building. The building is located in Twinsburg, Ohio, is a Tier III, LEED Gold certified data center.

The Dolphin Water Care was installed in the cooling system of the Ohio facility to treat a maximum cooling load of almost 2,600 tons. Compared to chemically treated water, the Dolphin Water Care reduces water discharged by 20%. The 20% is equivalent to 1.6 million gallons. The water treated by the Dolphin Water Care is available to be reused. Since the system does not use any chemicals, facilities who use the system (such as the Ohio facility) does not have a cost associated with chemical water treatments. There is also no need for storage and waste that is typically generated by chemical water treatments. Dolphin Water Care saves time, space, funds, and the environment (they are eco friendly!)

This is the second year in the row the system has helped a facility win the Green Enterprise IT Award. Last year, it went to the Harris Corporation and Lee Technologies in Harrisburg, Virginia.

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